The mission of the Randolph Historical Society is to educate the public and to collect, maintain, preserve and display for public viewing artifacts of local history from the Randolph Area.

Our Meetings

We meet at 7:00 PM in the Municipal Building on Main Street on the first Wednesday of each month (except the months of July and August).  We present programs at these meetings, which are both informative and interesting.  In December we have our Christmas Party which starts at 6:30 PM

These programs may include historical facts about Randolph and its surrounding area or other historical data.  For example, in the past year we have been enlightened and entertained by several authors of books, enjoyed hearing about Babe Ruth and had the opportunity to actually sit in his automobile, have learned of the area resident who became a king, and learned about eight soldiers who left Randolph together to fight in the Civil War and followed them throughout the War and afterward.

                           Program for The Randolph Historical Society – June 7, 2017

Annette Waite will be RHS guest speaker, June 7 at 7:00 PM at the Randolph Municipal Building. Annette will be speaking on Thaddeus S. Sheldon, one of the communities early leaders. Mr. Sheldon was known for, and should be remembered for, his business and benevolence. Please join the Randolph Historical Society as we keep the past, present.

 Keep checking back for updates on our Speakers